Saving Water Partnership has a variety of conservation information, including a great how-to factsheet, Using Rain Barrels in Northwest Gardens (PDF).

King County Rain Barrel Information and Sources has factsheets and suppliers to help you find or build a system.

Rainwater Harvesting for Beneficial Use (PDF) from the Seattle Department of Planning and Development, provides a good overview of larger systems for indoor uses, along with code and design requirements.

Rainwater Harvesting and Connection to Plumbing Fixtures (DOC) details the Health Department’s code requirements if you want to connect a cistern for indoor uses such as toilet flushing.

Rainwater Collection in Washington State

Green Home Remodel – Roofing (PDF) has useful information on roofing choices, see the “Rainwater Harvest” section.

Maryland DNR – Build a Simple Rain Barrel shows another simple barrel system.

Texas Manual on Rainwater Harvesting (PDF) is the standard reference for professionals on designing rainwater harvesting, storage, and reuse systems.

Arizona Cooperative Extension Rainwater Harvesting also has information on designing larger home systems.

Sustainable Building Sourcebook has specifications for designers, and suppliers of tanks and materials.

American Rainfall Catchment Systems Association has links to other resources and current news on rainwater harvesting in Washington and around the US.

Waterwise Gardening King County Yark Talk
Make the most of every drop of water in your yard. This episode covers drought tolerant landscaping, using cisterns and rain barrels and Smart Watering techniques

Rainwater Harvesting
(Acrobat PDF, 2MB) by landscape architect and professor Daniel Winterbottom, courtesy of Landscape Architecture Magazine.

You Grow Girl features current gardening trends and do-it-yourself instructions on how to set up a rain barrel.

Water Conservation – Tips for Saving Water Bert the Salmon’s tips for saving water indoors and out.