Hardscape refers to the construction and/or installation of structures such as brick patios and sidewalks. Retaining walls are often used to create boundaries between hardscapes and earth landscaping features, or softscapes.  Most artificial water features are technically hardscapes because they require a barrier to retain the water, instead of letting it drain into the surrounding soil.

From an aesthetic perspective, hardscaping allows workers to erect landscaping features that would otherwise be impossible due to soil erosion, or that compensate for large amounts of human traffic that would cause wear on bare earth or grass. Working with you to design and install features that contribute to the beauty and usability of your property is Confluence Design+Build’s goal.  Elements that we incorporate include: creating methods of drainage/runoff in order to carry off the water that can be created with these features, using the most eco-friendly materials and techniques, and creating hardscapes that will both stand the test of time structurally but allow for the continued evolution of your homes outside environment.

We specialize in:

  • Concrete or stone patios and walkways
  • Permeable paving
  • Retaining walls
  • Terraced gardens and planter boxes
  • Fences
  • Water features